As requested…some Kiwi fruit, digital painting in Photoshop from various reference pictures, the hairy skin of the kiwi not so easy to do…I hope it looks good anyway.

Photoshop timelapse: kiwi

Another fruit for my ” still life collection”…Didn’t know what to do…so my friend Hisame Artwork suggested… dragon fruit …and dragon fruit I made this morning, about one hour and […]

Photoshop timelapse: dragonfruit

Back to work…I’m still recovering from my shoulder injury (Calciferous periarthritis), but finally I can use my arm again, I’m working on Niels feynman comic again and…on some random painting like this…a […]

Photoshop timelapse: watermelon

I kinda like to paint fruits…it’s a good exercise for me…fruit of the day: fig, black ones…all those little seeds made me crazy! Real execution time: about one hour,  Digital painting […]

Photoshop timelapse: figs

love vape
Hello! here is another vaping related art… blue/green hair girl blowing a big vape cloud. More to come…in the meantime, enjoy the speedpainting video

Love Vape

vape art
Few years ago I quit smoking…and start vaping electronic cigarettes, I really enjoy vaping, and my lungs feel much better! Anyway…sometimes I like to put “vaping” in my art…digital, traditional…here […]

“Vape art”

Meme ten styles challenge Anime
Hi there! I fell in love with a meme I saw on artist SALAIIX personal page on facebook… so I tried to do it my self…I just changed some anime. […]

Meme: ten styles challenge Anime

Dàimones: Elsa fanart
You may be already know the Italian Manga Dàimones, by Dany&Dany, it’s a comic about the millennial balance between humans and vampires…Wel, this is a fanart of Elsa, one of […]

Dàimones: Elsa fanart