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Ultra Pop Yellow Fizz eliquid by Vaporart Time Lapse

yellow fizz by Vaporart
Yellow fizz - timelapse

Un gusto cremoso e caramelloso... in timelapse! Quante banane riuscite a vedere? ;) Yellow fizz lo trovi qui -->🍌🍌🍌thanks to Jun Fender

Pubblicato da Ultra Pop su lunedì 2 ottobre 2017

This is a quick illustration I made about one electronic cigarette liquid (you know…I’m a vaper…), well…quick…took me one hour and half to finish it. I used Clip studio paint software. This e-liquid it’s made in italy by Vaporart , it’s called  “yellow fizz” and it tastes of banana and caramel, so tasty!

I made other illustrations about brand , these are the post from Vaporart facebook page:

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