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Meet the artist: Michele The Sea

Michele The Sea

Michele Michele aka Dessi The Sea, was born in Cagliari in 1977.

Like most of the children started to draw by copying Disney characters, animals from encyclopedias and doing portraits to family and friends (Am I  the only one that used to draw Lum and Belle and Sebastien in school exercise books?).
During adolescence, the colors are put aside to make room for pencil illustrations in black and white, as long as, the Technical Institute for Surveyors about which he attended, he became acquainted with china and rapidograph, perfect tools to experience the cartoony design. Issues so inspired by movies and comics; ” Jurassic Park ” by Steven Spielberg and ” Alita, the angel of the battlefield ” Yukito Kishiro are the works that have most influenced his mind: dinosaurs and cyberpunk dominate for years his artistic tastes, along with aliens, cryptozoology, monsters, and fantasy.

In 2008 the colors are back, together the arrival of the tablet for digital painting, so has begun to expand his horizons, trying to achieve more and more realistic images. The themes remain more or less unchanged and blend together, the most recurrent theme is one that accompanies childhood, calls it “Paleoillustration” ultimately his loved ones loved dinosaurs!

What else? I personally love it, its speed painting are spectacular and envy his ability to portray animals and invent starting from the skeleton, as you can ‘see in the video, and is very good even in portraits, as well as in the satirical cartoons and illustrations … virtually He succeeds in anything, an artist at 360 degrees.
You can watch his works on Deviantart’s gallery , his Youtube channel where you can find speedpaintings and animations.
Contact him for commissions.

Michele also is the creator of “La cricca di Molentargius”, A comic where the main character it’s a Coypu and his animal friends that live in the Molentargius stain (Sardinia).

The pictures published here have been included with the approval of the author.

Update: In October 2016 Michele started a new comic serie on Tapastic: E.G.O.

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