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Jared Leto portrait and Speedpainting

Work in progress … the victim this time is “”30seconds to mars”” singer Jared Leto, I’m recording the whole process so soon shortly also the speedpainting. Yes .. I would need 2 monitors in fact, one for the original photo, the other for the design … it would be much more comfortable.About 5 or 6 hours of work … I probably would have to focus more on some details, but … I’m not hyper, I’m okay, I think it’s pretty recognizable right?
I managed to record the entire video, where you see the whole process from the beginning, even if accelerated (reduced to 6 hours 10 minutes!) Seems to me quite understandable, is also seen as I made the grid before the original picture, then transferred to the worksheet while maintaining the aspect ratio. Now I just have to tweet it and hope that Jared see it… and forgive me for putting a 30 Seconds to Mars song in it! … I could not put any other music! even if it doesn’t last as long as the entire video …

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