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PanPastel grey set

panpastel grey

Here they are, straight from London! What do I mean? PanPastel! They are a new kind of colours … in Italy they’re still hard to find, very little known, in fact, I’ve taken them from here:, a British online store. But back to the colours, Panpastel … are basically soft pastels cake-like… They have more or less the consistency of a “compact foundation powder “, and should be used with special sponges (or less special … I will use even those eyeshadow applicators …), no water or solvent required, the can be used as they are, they can be mixed together on paper, blended or not or not,

They’re a little expensive, in Italy every cake of colour cost about € 6.20, but they’re long lasting. I took the grey set: white, black and 3 greys, awesome for black and white works like portraits.


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