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Bruce the bat

Bruce the bat

A little bat rescued last Tuesday, after 4days of care, he disappeared…and came back to “visit us” 3 days after…this is amazing! He’s alive and fine!

Once upon a time…

Tuesday, around noon, I notice a little thing black at the foot of a tree, right in town … at first I felt a little bird fallen from the nest … I bow to control and I see it was a small bat. ..I thought it was dead, but as I touched it moved, he was still alive! I was not able to know where he fell from, and I could not leave it there in a dangerous place, so I decided to take it home, keep it away from the sun, check was not hurt and then eventually release the same night in that area.

Notice: if you find a bat … very young or injured, contact the nearest specialist centre, because really, you risk doing damage, for example … I did not know that the first thing to do is give him water to prevent dehydration! here some info or

Anyway … the little guy seemed to have nothing broken … it was active, pee an poop were fine … at night he would try to release it…

Well … in the evening it was brought by my sister more or less in the area of the discovery, but did not take the flight, he tried but … he fell down, was it still not be able to fly? May be … So, back home I looked for information everywhere, how to feed, how to keep it so. Can not find the flour moths larvae … we had to prepare a mashed food alternative, which can ‘be fine for short periods (the site linked above you will find all the details). He ate, drank, did the needs, a treasure, my sister kept him stuck on her to keep him warm and he slept blessed (he was a boy …). Even if the food was not the most suitable one, it seemed, however, that the small Bruce (as we called it) was recovering. Saturday night … as always he was in his little box house, my sister says that it was particularly active, agitated … continued to make its verses … opening the wings and stretching them … as if he was impatient … Well … left alone for a minute … he has disappeared into thin air! the door was opened… had he flown away? The cat was not around … could not have eaten it; He was not there … we checked in every corner, every crack … but nothing … maybe it was really flown away … we are happy, but not actually having witnessed the fact we weren’t sure.. .we left the door open all night if ever fell in the morning … but nothing.

Yesterday night, or three days after the “disappearance”, there were a group of bats chasing right above our house … “I wonder if Bruce is there with them!”, One was lowered enough to nearly touch the head my sister, and we have joked: “Bruce approached to say hello, hahaahha!”.

At about 5:30 this morning … … my sister woke me: “Bruce! Bruce is back!” … What do you mean?
Well … … Bruce was there, in my sister’s room … hanging upside down on the edge of the table … how the hell was finished them? The bedroom door was closed … and judging by his health … could not be stayed there three days without food or drink it … he must be entered at night … when the door was wide open .. .there is no other way! Among other things we found out that he had a nap inside a shoe (we found the fresh poo) and then had just come out … so crazy! Anyway I got it, I gave him water to drink immediately, and I went outside … it was dawning, but there was still some bat around … at first flight attempt … wham … fell down … damn. ..I’ve picked it up … it stretched its wings … gave a clean and then flap flap … … has taken flight … by joining with another bat and headed east … Eyes shiny? you bet! Now … we think that hit was Bruce, you could see he was not afraid, he knew his hands … he was not scared … he was thirsty but in very good condition, and clean, moisturized skin … may be he came inside at night … and then remained “trapped in the room by mistake. This means it may happen to see him again! Oh … of course, we did not think to take pictures …. the sun had already risen and there was no time to lose … he took flight immediately or we had to keep it home safe another day …


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