Photoshop timelapse hummingbird
Digital painting in photoshop 2 hours of work…but the little body looks still “flat”, bad shading work…I should improve this part…for the next time.

Photoshop timelapse: colibrì

Photoshop timelapse robin
Bird study: Robin digital painting in Photoshop, about one hour and 25 minutes of work. I like how the feathers turned out in the end!

Photoshop timelapse: Robin

Another time lapse, another girl, this time I tried to use a defined color palette (you can see it at the beginning. Real time: one hour, in photoshop.

Photoshop timelapse: girl with beret

Photoshop timelapse Lanius cristatus
Thanks to my friend Digitalis That let me use his photo for reference, this is a Lanius cristatus, aka Brown shrike. Digital painting in Photoshop, took me 1hour and 40 minutes.

Photoshop timelapse Lanius cristatus

Photoshop timelapse tears
From pencil sketch to digital , real time about 1 hour. I made this listening to George Michael music today…so sad he’s gone…

Photoshop timelapse: tears

This was yesterday-s prompt…to be honest, but you know I got wrong so…here we are> scared lil boy.

Inktober Day 14: Scared

Inktober 2016 Tree
Oh…no…wrong prompt…this should be tomorrow’s one! Well I’ll make today’s theme tomorrow. In the meantime…just a simple tree

Inktober Day 13: Tree