Dàimones: Elsa fanart
You may be already know the Italian Manga Dàimones, by Dany&Dany, it’s a comic about the millennial balance between humans and vampires…Wel, this is a fanart of Elsa, one of […]

Dàimones: Elsa fanart

inktober 2016 Lost
For inktober 7 I inked a scene from Lost (lost), Charlie Charli that leaves one last message to Hume … and die drowned … one of the most moving scenes […]

Inktober Day 7: Lost

Bedelia Du Maurier Fanart
Fanart of the TV series Hannibal NBC … the character portrait is about the Psychologist and Hannibal’s friend: Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, played by the fantastic Gillian Anderson, best known […]

Bedelia Du Maurier Fanart

Kieren panpastel
What a beautiful awakening this morning … Last night I posted on Instagram, and consequently on twitter the work in progress of my little portrait of Kieren Walker, the character […]

In the flesh: Kieren fanart

Simon and Kieren fanart
Last fanart / portrait inspired by a TV series that I love so much … I think now is one of my favorites along with Hannibal, Fringe, Lost and Person […]

In the flesh: Simon and Kieren portrait