As requested…some Kiwi fruit, digital painting in Photoshop from various reference pictures, the hairy skin of the kiwi not so easy to do…I hope it looks good anyway.

Photoshop timelapse: kiwi

I kinda like to paint fruits…it’s a good exercise for me…fruit of the day: fig, black ones…all those little seeds made me crazy! Real execution time: about one hour,  Digital painting […]

Photoshop timelapse: figs

mmm…plumes…yummy! Digital painting in photoshop, I need some fruit for a project…so I’m painting them my self, it’s also a good exercise!

Photoshop timelapse: Plums

Here’s how to make parafrittus … in Photoshop XD Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. The parafrittus are a typical dessert of the Carnival period in Sardinia.

Photoshop timelapse: parafrittus