Daily sketch 27-03-2017
It was supposed to be a max 10-minute sketch…but it took me half an hour because I’m still learning all the software features, so I need to practice more. I used […]

Daily sketch: funny face child

quickdrawcollab 2
Ok…we did it, it started with some technical issues but then all solved and everything was fine, we all did some doodles that the audience asked for in the chat. […]

QuickDrawCollab live, first edition

It’s Inktober time! One ink drawing per day…and related video, yes…I can do it!I’m following the official prompt list from ( Sorry for the bad video quality but…with right hand […]

Inktober day 1: Fast

inktober 2016
Every year in October there is a small challenge, or to ink a drawing a day and post it on the company. The idea came from Jake Parker 2009.Quest’anno I […]

inktober 2016 is coming